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At the Nue Trend, we believe that the best kind of beauty is the natural beauty we were born with. We were created complete, unique, and perfect or nue. The word “nue” is French for bare or naked which expresses our mission and passion perfectly. We believe people were made naturally beautiful, and so the products that we use should enhance our natural beauty rather than cover it up or modify it.

Bare beauty comes from feeling confident and loving every inch of our skin. But how are we able to do that if we cover our skin with gunk and toxins? The Nue Trend is dedicated to discovering products that help you find your perfect skin because everyone is perfect in their own way. It is time to restore the original intent of skincare, which is actually caring for your skin. We want you to feel beautiful bare because you are.

If we are trying to show the world what Nue beauty is, we need to look for products that leave our skin bare. You cannot get naturally glowing skin without natural products.

The Nue Trend not only looks at what you put on your skin but also where the ingredients come from. We work with medical professionals to investigate every single ingredient in a product. We look at where they get their ingredients to see if they are the cream of the (organic) crop or the leftovers that farmers couldn’t sell. We look for cruelty-free vegan skincare not tested on animals. We call out some of the favorite and big brands like Sephora, Elf, NYX, The Ordinary, etc. for some of the BS ingredients they are putting in their products, even though they label them as “great for your skin” or “all-natural”. Yeah, right.


Many of us understand that overloading our skin with too many ingredients isn’t helpful, but do we know what ingredients are harmful and should avoid? Or do we know which ingredients are most beneficial to us as individuals? Looking into organic, natural skincare is crucial to understanding how to create skincare that doesn’t do more harm than good.

If we are looking for natural, clean, and Nue skincare, why wouldn’t we look for the most natural ingredients that the Earth has to offer? Artificial chemicals are not a part of ethical consumption for our bodies or the environment.

We welcome you on this journey.
It’s wonderful to see your beautiful face.