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July 25, 2021

By now, you probably know that we here at the Nue Trend are passionate about clean ingredients that we feel good about putting on our delicate skin. Something else that we are tremendously passionate about is finding ways to ensure that our skincare and self-care are sustainable. One way we can achieve this is by finding companies that prioritize being eco-friendly. One of our favorite companies that achieves this beautifully is Plaine Products.

Plaine Products has committed to be a standout eco-friendly company in every aspect of its business model. One of the incredible things they have chosen to implement is paying for shipping for customers to return their used metal (goodbye, single use plastic!) bottles back to them in order to reuse the bottles. This is an important step Plaine Products has chosen to take because it reduces waste being sent to landfills! Even when regular old plastic bottles can be recycled, the systems in place may not be adequate to eliminate the waste that is produced by the beauty industry.

That’s where Plaine Products comes in: they will send you a return label with your refill bottle shipment, so you can return your used bottle completely hassle-free! Plaine Products has committed to making it easy for consumers to make eco-friendly decisions. Even with all this shipping back and forth, Plaine Products has achieved carbon-neutral shipping! To me, this shows that this brand has done their due diligence to make sure they are not inadvertently doing more harm than good.

Don’t worry, here at Nue Trend we are still crazy about ingredients. So, let’s get into those!

Plaine products shampoo

Organic and Natural Shampoo

It’s no secret how much we love aloe vera gel around here, so I’m excited to report that the very first ingredient is organic aloe leaf juice. I love that Pure Planet chose to use an ingredient like aloe vera gel for their first shampoo ingredient instead of watering it down. We love a formulation that has intentionally chosen ingredients!

This shampoo also includes vitamin E in its ingredients which is exciting because vitamin E is so healing. Vitamin E helps with scalp health and can even aid in hair growth. Vitamin E has antioxidant properties that can help keep our hair strong and prevent loss.

Another ingredient worth mentioning in this ingredient list is organic green tea. We recently released a blog discussing, in part, the benefits of matcha and green tea in general. Green tea also has the power to prevent hair loss due to its ability to inhibit certain hormones that are related to hair loss. Green tea can even promote hair growth by stimulating follicles!

Finally, it’s important to note that not only does Plaine Products offer an unscented option, but also is transparent about what ingredients are used for their fragranced options. Instead of just throwing fragrance ingredients in with the rest of the ingredients, Plaine Products lists them “plaine” as day at the end of the ingredient list. Aside from their unscented option, the shampoo also comes in two scent options: rosemary mint vanilla or citrus lavender.

The reason it is so important for companies to break down their fragrance, or scent, in this way is that it allows us to know exactly what is going on our bodies. When looking at other products you may have in your vanity or shower, you may notice a vague ingredient such as “fragrance” or “parfum” listed. This is scary because it means companies do not have to disclose what they are using to add fragrance to their products, which means they could be adding all sorts of synthetic and/or toxic chemicals!

Because Plaine Products chooses to disclose this, we can know that their shampoo scent is fully achieved by using essential oils. For this particular product, the essential oils chosen by Plaine Produts include rosemary, mint, vanilla, bergamot, and lavender. Remember, they vary depending on which scent you choose for the shampoo!

As the cherry on top, this Plaine Products shampoo is non-GMO, silicone and sulfate free, color safe, palm oil free, cruelty free, and vegan! All inside zero waste, reusable, and refillable packaging.

Organic and Natural Conditioner

Just like in its shampoo counterpart, Plaine Product opted to use organic aloe vera leaf juice as its first ingredient, instead of water, in its conditioner as well. We have enough water going on in a shower already, so I love to see that every ingredient is chosen to add moisture and hydration to this conditioner.

This conditioner also includes the same ingredients we loved seeing in the shampoo, like vitamin E and organic green tea extract. To ensure a rich, creamy, and moisturizing formula for this conditioner, Plaine Products included a variety of butters and oils. These include shea and mango butters (some of my favorites!) as well as camellia, sunflower, and jojoba seed oils. These ingredients play a huge role in helping to add and retain moisture in the hair strands.

Just like the shampoo by this brand, this conditioner is also silicone and sulfate-free, non-GMO, cruelty-free, vegan, palm oil free, and color safe!

We love that, with this line of hair care, we can feel good about the ingredients we are using as well as the impact our choices are making on the planet.

Plaine Products assortment

Organic and Natural Body Wash

For our final stop in our shower product discussion—body wash! We are so excited that this company provides sustainable options for each of our shower staples.

For body wash, in perhaps a different way than for products like shampoo and conditioner, considering ingredients is so important. Just like the skin on our faces can be sensitive, the skin on the rest of our bodies can be as well. It’s true, the skin on the body as a whole is typically more resilient than the skin on the face, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t those of us with sensitive skin all over! Finding a body wash that is suitable for sensitive skin can sometimes feel like a tall order! That’s why we love that Plaine Products has taken this into account by including an unscented version.

Just as in the shampoo and conditioner in this line, we see those standout ingredients once again: the first ingredient is aloe vera leaf juice, while vitamin E and organic green tea are also present. We also love to see an absence of any sulfates, as they can be extremely stripping and can leave our bodies dry and parched. Plaine Products has chosen to use only mild soaps to provide a gentle but effective cleanse.

If you’d like to see more about this body wash in particular check out our video about it here!

Final Thoughts

Plaine Products is a fantastic company setting out to change the cosmetic and toiletry industry for the better. We love that they put their money where their mouth is by financing the shipping to return empty bottles. If you’d like to read about exactly how this process works you can do that here. Remember, they have even achieved carbon-neutral shipping!

Plaine Products doesn’t stop at the shampoo, conditioner, and body wash we’ve discussed here—they have a whole line of sustainable and natural products we can feel good about using! These products include, but are not limited to, body lotion, beauty oil, hand wash, face wash, face moisturizer, toner, and much more! Best of all—the package of each of these products can be recycled through Plaine Products’ packaging revolution!

Thank you, Plaine Products, for allowing us to indulge in self-care while still being able to take care of our planet and ourselves.

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