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Magnetic Face Mask Elf Dr Brandt
July 13, 2021

What is a Magnetic Face Mask and How to Use It:

You’ve likely seen an Instagram model or TikToker hyping up some version of a magnetic face mask. Though there are a variety of magnetic face masks they, differ in   price and results. The biggest available trendsetters seem to be the Elf’s Beauty Shield Magnetic Mask and the Dr. Brandt Magnetight Age-Defier. When we here at the Nue Trend see something get as much momentum as these products have, we know it’s time to investigate.

What’s the point? What does it do?

This mask is meant to draw out our skin’s impurities from using the iron’s magnetic particles that are in the face mask. It is said to help improve the skin’s circulation when the mask is taken off by dilating blood vessels. Now that’s some fancy skincare.

The magnetic mask is meant to leave your skin looking bright and energized. Not only is the product said to have anti-aging properties, but it also claims to reduce the damaging effects of pollution. Those of us who understand the need for clean skin after a long day in the groggy city know that things that protect against the effects of pollution also protect our beautiful faces from breakouts and dull skin.

It is even said that the beautiful Cleopatra used to sleep with magnets on her face as a part of her nightly routine, but is this a trend to leave in the dark ages? Let’s get into it.

Reading those desired effects, it is a little hard to believe how a magnet is meant to do all that. With a price range of $25-250, it’s only fair to hope for some really amazing results. Now that is a hefty price difference, is there a good dupe or will you be emptying your wallet for some magnetic magic?

How to use

This product is very confusing at first. Is the product a magnet? How do I take the product off? This product should be evenly spread over desired areas and left for about 5-10 minutes (the magnet is included with most of these masks). You’re meant to put a tissue over the magnet (so the magnet doesn’t get dirty), put the magnet to your face, and watch the magic work. (I mean magnet.) Throughout our research, we’ve seen some people have difficulties keeping this face mask away from magnets and away from a big mess so make sure you keep the two separate; no need to waste time or money.

What’s the difference between a normal face mask and a magnetic one?
The most unique attribute of the Dr. Brandt magnetic face mask is that you don’t wash it off afterward. After using the magnet to take the mask off you’re supposed to allow the product leftover from the mask to soak into your skin. Knowing a product’s ideal intent is for the ingredients to soak in, is where we come in.

The mask is meant to have a long-lasting effect since it is, after all, meant to be anti-aging. If the mask’s intent is that, it would only make sense that you aren’t meant to wash it off. If we aren’t meant to wash it off, that means the ingredients should be top-notch.

Dr. Brandt’s Magnetight Age Defier Mask

Asian Korean Magnetic Mask

Controversial Ingredients

Some companies like dimethicone for hair and skincare because it keeps in moisture. This sounds all well and good but it also means it can block other moisture from absorbing. While it is used to lock in moisture, it may also be trapping in bacteria, resulting in clogged pores.

I think that by now everyone knows that clogged pores do not bode well for our skin. Redness and breakouts-a-plenty are sure to follow where there are clogging, or comedogenic, ingredients.

When it’s time to investigate a product’s ingredients, the Nue Trend always knows where to go. We go through each ingredient with the Environmental Working Group. Looking into each of these ingredients was discomforting, to say the least. The number of ingredients with little to no data was disturbing.

Do these companies have no qualms about putting ingredients on our skin with insufficient data? Apparently not. There are plenty of organic products that they could be putting in our products to get us the results they promised, but if it’s not where the money is, why should they care?

The Icky and Sticky

Our skin is not a big fan of fragrant products, so the Nue Trend isn’t either. Dr. Brandt’s “MAGNETIGHT Age-Defier Mask” contains citrus Aurantium Bergamia (Bergamot) Fruit Oil, Pelargonium Graveolens Flower Oil, and Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Oil.

While those are not the only oils in the products, they’re the most potentially problematic ones. All three of these ingredients are mainly used in cosmetic products for perfuming. Though lavender is said to have some benefits, its fragrant properties keep it from being a gem.

Fragrance in your products can lead to redness, irritation, and allergic reactions. Three fragrant ingredients in a product do not bode well for a glowing product recommendation. Especially If your skin is sensitive to fragrance then this might be a trend you want to steer clear of.

The Elf Beauty Shield Magnetic Mask

At least Elf isn’t shy about the fact that it contains fragrance. Though just because they tried less to hide doesn’t mean we recommend it.

Elf’s magnetic mask contains Ascorbyl Palmitate which is a type of vitamin C. Now we usually get excited when we hear that vitamin C is in a product, but not with this type. Ascorbyl Palmitate is the unstable version and it does not absorb as well. Sadly, they couldn’t even get vitamin C in their product right.

The biggest no-go for this product is that it contains Cyclopentasiloxane, an ingredient we loath to see at the Nue Trend. The EWG list of concerns for this ingredient means it is a must keep OUT of your cabinet. This chemical is not just a concern for our body but for the environment.

Now while the Nue Trend is not a big fan of the product so far, it does have one saving grace: it is cruelty-free. Elf cosmetics has been a beauty without bunnies member for 16 years. This means they are vegan, do not test on animals, or use animal fur for brushes or eyelashes. Now that’s what we like to hear!

For a claim of being a “beauty shield,” we wonder what exactly this mask is trying to shield us from. If anything, we need a shield from the Cyclopentasiloxane in this mask.

While we might be a big fan of Elf’s pledge to being cruelty-free, this is an instance where we recommend you put that elf back on the shelf.

What is the Best Magnetic Face Mask?

Let’s talk about it- with the pricier option, are you really getting more bang for your buck?

For the purpose of bringing you better knowledge on skincare, we search each ingredient through the e=Environmental Working Group. So when the EWG Skin Deep ingredient list is missing some data on an ingredient, we get wary.

Both of these trendy masks have way too many ingredients that have limited information on their effects on the skin. Ingredients like Phenoxyethanol have limited data and the data they do have is certainly not ideal. Phenoxyethanol has restrictions for cosmetic use in Japan and is classified as an irritant.

With either of the products, there are too many fragrances or unknown additives for either to be recommended as the “better option”.

Asian Korean Mask Skin Care

Magnetic Face Mask reviews

Don’t just take our word for it, see for yourself—many reviewers feel this product isn’t worth it. There are definitely some people out there who thought this was a fun indulgent pampering treat. The taking off of the mask is definitely interesting and unique. But is that really what we prioritize in our skincare?

Magnetic Face Mask Elf Reviews

There are plenty of bad Elf reviews that tell us everything that we need to know about those uncertain ingredients and fragrances in this mask. Customers reported this product as a clear waste of time and money. Reviews reporting irritated skin, clogged pores, and burning sensations confirm that fragrant products are a thing of the past. We know that there isn’t a benefit to adding fragrances to a product, yet we continue to think peach and watermelon scented products will make our face feel as good as the product smells but that just isn’t the case. Stop worrying about what your product smells like and start worrying about if your product works.

Magnetic Face Mask Dr. Brandt Reviews

Unfortunately, the magnet might just be the only thing that is attractive about this product.

Just like the Elf product, Dr. Brandt’s has plenty of reviews that are just too predictable with the ingredient list. The results of this product on some customers left them confused with the good reviews. If their results with the product were so poor that they don’t even know how it could work for someone else, it must have done them pretty dirty.

These poor reviews are the icing on the cake that proves this product should be a pass for people who want products that actually help their skin. 


Honestly, we don’t think that this type of product is anything but a must-skip trend and the desired results can be seen with many other products on the scene. Although it can be fun at a sleepover or for a self-care night, this product’s cost versus benefit cannot be overlooked. Better to get more bang for your buck and go elsewhere. Just because something is new doesn’t mean we should settle for less information. The fact that both of these products contain ingredients that are not very well researched should be a major deterrent. Although appealing and interesting, we don’t need to be putting things on our face that don’t have proven results. We need to trust the companies and products we are putting on our face. Although some people swear by this (it seems Cleopatra did), this product does no

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