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woman applying the best vegan toner skincare to her face
July 29, 2022

Toner is a misunderstood skincare routine step that many people find pointless, while others say it is the best skin-balancing product in their routine. It may not be as well known as retinol or a hydrating oil, but it is a product growing in popularity. When you find the right product and use it properly, you will never skip this step again! We will start by discussing a toner product and what it can do for your skin. Then we will share the best vegan toner options on the market for different skin concerns. 

What is toner?

Skin toner is a product that is applied to the skin after washing but before heavier moisturizing products. According to dermatologist Joshua Zeichner, “Toners are skincare products that have the consistency of water. Traditionally, they were used to remove excess oil from the skin and were especially useful for people with acne. Those products contain high concentrations of alcohol and therefore were drying. Today’s toners contain a variety of soothing, brightening, and anti-aging ingredients.” 

This shift in toner ingredients is a positive for skin concerns everywhere! To get the most beneficial toner, choose a vegan one. It is important to remember that approximately 60% of what you put on your skin ends up in your body. You do not want harmful ingredients and artificial chemicals entering your body’s bloodstream or lymphatic system, potentially causing illness or disease. We are sharing the best vegan toner options to help you choose the best one for your skin and overall health!

The Best Vegan Toner Options:

1: Pixi Beauty Skin Treats Glow Tonic

A positive choice for all skin types, this Pixi Beauty toner is a cult favorite for a reason. The light pink toner contains glow-inducing ingredients like glycolic acid and ginseng. It also contains aloe vera to hydrate and soothe your skin. This product is alcohol and paraben-free, which means it won’t irritate sensitive skin types! 

 Pixie Beauty Glow Tonic Best Vegan Toner

2: Herbivore Jasmine Green Tea Oil Control Toner

Herbivore creates toner with organic jasmine water that they infuse with antioxidant-rich green tea. They combine this powerful ingredient with a clarifying combination of salicin-rich willow back and soothing aloe vera. A positive review for this best vegan toner mentions, “My face is acne prone, but toner’s usually dry it out. This is gentle and helps my face stay clear. I have been using it for 3-4 years now!” A repeat purchaser is a happy customer! 

Herbivore Jasmine Green Tea Oil Control Toner

3: Bliss Clear Genius Toner and Serum

A slightly more viscous toner, this product verges on the thickness of a serum. However, it should still be used after cleansing and before other serums and moisturizers in your skincare routine. This product is meant for all skin types but is especially beneficial for oily or acne-prone skin. Bliss added their proprietary Clarity 5 Complex formulated with BHA (salicylic acid), witch hazel water, niacinamide, zinc PCA & cica! Talk about a powerful combination of ingredients! This toner is vegan, cruelty-free, alcohol-free, and non-comedogenic.

Bliss Clear Genius Toner and Serum

4: Dermalogica Antioxidant Hydramist

A well-known name in the skincare industry, Dermalogica created this toner with anti-aging on the mind. Their special ingredient, pea extract, is meant to help firm skin, while rose and clove extracts soothe and refresh. As an added benefit, this moisturizing formula lessens the appearance of fine lines due to dry skin. This is ideal to use after cleansing and to refresh your skin throughout the day.

Dermalogica Hydramist Toner Best Vegan

5: Paula’s Choice Enriched Calming Toner

Do you have dry, flaky skin that doesn’t stay moisturized? Perhaps your skincare routine needs a vegan toner! This Paula’s Choice formula is meant for the most dehydrated skin. It contains antioxidant-rich plant oils to soothe and protect the skin. The milky formula is gentle enough to use twice daily after cleansing- and recommended even for delicate skin with eczema! It contains Vitamin C, so follow it with sunscreen to protect from sun damage. 

Paula's Choice Enriched Calming Toner

6: Humphreys Soothe Witch Hazel with Rose Alcohol-Free Toner

A classic brand that has been making toners since 1854, Humphreys has multiple variations of their well-beloved toner. We recommend this one because of the addition of rose to calm the skin, containing Vitamin E and hyaluronic acid. Humphreys is proud that their “first ingredient is Certified Organic Witch Hazel – wild-harvested to capture the vital plant essence and distilled to preserve its natural potency – not diluted and never polluted.” In addition to being alcohol-free, this toner is also free of soaps, dyes, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and gluten! 

Humphreys Soothe Witch Hazel with Rose Alcohol-Free Toner

7: COSRX Centella Water Alcohol-Free Toner

A trendy Korean skincare line, be aware that not all COSRX products are vegan. Their most popular snail mucin product line is not vegan! However, this toner is free of all animal products. This product will cleanse your skin of oils without stripping it, thanks to the addition of Centella Asiatica extract water. This product can be used post-cleansing or throughout the day to refresh your skin. It is meant for all skin types and is safe for even sensitive skin to use without the worry of irritation. 

COSRX Centella Water Alcohol-Free Toner

8: [I’m From] Rice Toner

Another Korean skincare choice, this vegan K Beauty toner is intended to improve hydration and heal the moisture barrier while providing an illuminating effect. Made with 77.78% Rice Extract, [I’m From] Rice Toner is excellent for dry skin as it is highly moisturizing! Slightly exfoliating as well, this is a toner that you will love adding to your day. It is gentle enough to use during your morning and evening skincare routine.

[I'm From] Rice Toner

When choosing a new toner to add to your skincare routine, it is essential first to pick a vegan product and second to pick the right one for your skin type. Be sure to follow all the directions on the product you choose to ensure you receive the best results from your toner! Don’t forget always to include sunscreen in your daily skincare routine to ensure you are protecting yourself against the damage and dangers of UV/UB radiation. We recommend reading our article 10 Top Vegan Sunscreens to Try Today to find one free of dangerous chemicals that could damage your bloodstream, lymph nodes, or another part of your body! 

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