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June 30, 2021


At the Nue Trend, we believe that the best kind of beauty is the natural beauty we were born with. We were created complete, unique, and perfect or nue. The word “nue” is French for bare or naked which expresses our mission and passion perfectly. We believe people were made naturally beautiful, and so the products that we use should enhance our natural beauty rather than cover it up or modify it.

Bare beauty comes from feeling confident and loving every inch of our skin. But how are we able to do that if we cover our skin with gunk and toxins? The Nue Trend is dedicated to discovering products that help you find your perfect skin because everyone is perfect in their own way. It is time to restore the original intent of skincare, which is actually caring for your skin. We want you to feel beautiful bare because you are.

If we are trying to show the world what Nue beauty is, we need to look for products that leave our skin bare. You cannot get naturally glowing skin without natural products.

What do the Medical Professionals have to say about all this?

The Nue Trend not only looks at what you put on your skin but also where the ingredients come from. We work with medical professionals to investigate every single ingredient in a product. We look at where they get their ingredients to see if they are the cream of the (organic) crop or the leftovers that farmers couldn’t sell. We look for cruelty-free vegan skincare not tested on animals. We call out some of the favorite and big brands like Sephora, Elf, NYX, The Ordinary, etc. for some of the BS ingredients they are putting in their products, even though they label them as “great for your skin” or “all-natural”. Yeah, right.

All these things and more are incredibly important to us at Nue Trend and if you want great, healthy skin, it should be important to you too.

Natural beauty shouldn’t be expected from products that don’t have natural ingredients in them. By promoting and illustrating organic cruelty-free products, we want to help people eliminate harmful products from their routines, even products that are advertised as “natural” (but really aren’t :/).

What comes to mind when you think of your skincare routine? You probably think of each carefully curated step to get your skin glowing. Whereas at the Nue Trend, we think of your skincare routine as a long list of possibly harmful ingredients that you are putting on your face each day. Sure, it might look great in the moment, but in the long run, you are doing yourself more harm than good.

Read Any Medical Journals Lately? Didn’t Think So

More often than not, when we look at products, the ingredient list is longer than the dictionary. If the length of the list doesn’t stop you from reading it, certainly the terminology and convoluted words that came straight out of a medical textbook will. Why aren’t companies using words the average Joe (or Josette) can understand? Well, the easy answer is because they don’t want you to know what their products actually have in them; but we’ll dive deeper into those details on this journey that we are beginning together here at the Nue Trend.

The Nue Trend wants consumers to know what they are putting on their skin is eventually absorbed and consumed by their body. We partnered with medical professionals that are actually working with people and their skin daily and aren’t just sitting in an office at some fancy medical school. Our practicing medical professionals do the research, explain the ingredients in layman terms (we know you don’t have a medical degree), and suggest products that will be best for you, your health, and your natural beauty.

Keep It Simple Stupid (K.I.S.S. – muah xoxo!)

Simplifying what you put on your body allows the essential ingredients of a product to actually do its job and do it well.

Your favorite product can have 5 good ingredients but 2 harmful ingredients which virtually cancel out the good. If you are trying to eat healthy and go on a diet but then go order a burger and fries with a large soda, all of that healthy food that you forced down your throat was kind of pointless. So why would you do the same to your skin, the largest organ in your body?

It is easy to get excited with each new trend in makeup and skincare. However, these trends are oftentimes the worst thing for your skin and just caught wind because of good marketing or because your favorite influencer got paid to recommend it.

Often, there are only a few key ingredients that are helpful in these products and a long list of harmful and cheap ingredients. That is where the Nue Trend comes in, we break the ingredients down so that you don’t have to guess whether it is good for you or not. We have the answers set up in a nice package.

YOU are Unique – Treat Yourself That Way

If a product has a long list of ingredients, it is almost impossible to find the ingredients that work best for you. We are all made uniquely and therefore our skin has different needs. So why would you buy a product that everyone is buying? You are exceptionally and remarkably designed, and we want to help you find what works best to accentuate your beauty. The Nue Trend looks at the trends to see what is gold or what should be left out in the cold. (That was the only one, I promise!)

The Earth Gives Us Everything Our Skin Needs

Many of us understand that overloading our skin with too many ingredients isn’t helpful, but do we know what ingredients are harmful and should avoid? Or do we know which ingredients are most beneficial to us as individuals? Looking into organic, natural skincare is crucial to understanding how to create skincare that doesn’t do more harm than good.

If we are looking for natural, clean, and Nue skincare, why wouldn’t we look for the most natural ingredients that the Earth has to offer? Artificial chemicals are not a part of ethical consumption for our bodies or the environment.

Here We Go Again Harming the Environment

The way big companies process and manufacture products can have a very negative environmental impact. You would also be surprised by the quality of ingredients or “fillers” they use just to cut costs on production to sell it to you at a cheaper price.

Good skincare is about feeling good and doing good. We must consider the impact that we are having on the earth’s soil, air, water, and people. And I am not referring to the people that are consuming the product, I am referring to the condition of the workers that are producing these products so that it makes it to your bathroom sink at the cheapest price possible.

If these companies don’t care about harming people, animals, or the environment, what makes us think they care about our skin and overall health? It’s time to show the world that feeling better is also about doing better. The Nue Trend is tackling this beast head on.

Better for the Earth = Better for You!

By considering how products are created, we can lead the way to safer beauty standards. When products are created organically and responsibly, they are less likely to cause redness, respiratory problems, irritation, long-term skin damage, and even harmful diseases.

Products that contain harsh dyes and fragrances (parfum) are not beneficial to our skin because they are not made for our skin. These types of ingredients can cause immediate reactions, but they can also cause long-term damage that we don’t even realize. Companies are not even required to specify what some of these “fragrances” or “parfums” are so they can virtually put anything under that category.

So, do these products only harm my skin? NO!

When we apply products to our skin they sink into our bloodstream. Putting chemicals, low-quality ingredients, or even natural ingredients that aren’t meant for skin (or your skin type), can cause serious issues not only on your skin but throughout your body as well. This often leads us to believe that there is an issue with our skin, so we buy more products to solve something that is just a reaction to a terrible product that all the TikTokers and Instagram influencers said works great (after they used it once on their stories).

Do you feel groggy, bloated, or like your head is clouded all the time? Do you have low energy or just can’t seem to shake the anxiety? Well, maybe it is time to consider what your body is absorbing. If you are not giving your body quality, do you expect your body to respond correctly? As a rule of thumb, if you wouldn’t put something in your body, don’t put it on your body. However with The Nue Trend’s medical professionals, we are going to jump into all the specifics and make sure you have all the information you need.


For something to be seen as bare, it must be uncovered and exposed. Products should contain a simple ingredient list that gets the job done without unnecessary additives or harmful fillers. We don’t want to add anything to you. To be bare is to be plain, simple, and unadorned but most important, BEAUTIFULLY YOU.

It doesn’t matter how they package it, how many people are using it, or even if their Instagram ad says it is “all-natural”, we are here to expose the lies with no fluff or sugarcoating (we are coming for you, you know who you are).

We want skincare and makeup that makes us look and feel better without changing who we are or destroying our bodies in the process.

What if instead of layering on skincare products and makeup, we took ourselves back to the basics and decided to use products that make us feel better about our bare-naked selves? Rather than letting society, social media, celebrities, or influencers tell you what you need to look like, be you!

You’re perfect and we love you just the way you are. So, let’s be healthy and happy the way we were designed – together. Let’s start The Nue Trend.

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